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Soul-Pacifying Green Jade Bangle
Soul-Pacifying Green Jade Bangle

Jade Facts That Will Improve Your Life

Jade Facts That Will Improve Your Life

In China people have believed in the healing and blessing powers of jade for thousands of years. It is believed that wearing jade will balance body, mind and soul, improving your health, thoughts and bringing you good luck. A time tested and beautiful way to improve your life.

Wearing Jade Will...

  • Improve Your Health
  • Increase Longevity
  • Bring You Success
  • Bring You Good Luck
  • Ward Off Evil

Today many Chinese people do not believe in this, they like people in western cultures think science can solve all of their problems. However, there are still many people who believe very strongly in the healing powers of jade. Before you discount their belief you should try it yourself.

To receive the full benefits of wearing jade it is suggested you wear it always, and one of the top choices is a bangle.  However, some people cannot wear a bangle because of their job or activities they participate in frequently. For these people I would suggest a jade necklace or pendant.


Jade May Change Colors Over Time

Many Chinese have told me that their bangle changed color after wearing it for a period of time, and I have witnessed this personally. The bangle my mother-in-law wears became clearer and slightly more translucent after wearing it for about six months.

The bangle was not dyed, it was a 100% natural jade bangle. Chinese people believe the changing of color proves the jade is cleansing your body and soul of impurities, which will improve your health.


Breaking a Jade Bangle is Good Luck?

Though not actually good luck in a traditional sense, it is said that sometimes jade can save you from bad luck. If you break the jade bangle by accident some say it means you were spared bad luck, as the jade took the bad itself.


Benefits of Wearing Chinese Jade

The benefits of wearing Chinese jade are many, and whether you believe them or not jade is still a beautiful gem stone and makes a great gift for yourself, family or friends.

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